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INSIGHT: So Why Aren’t YOU Going to War?

You’re Dismissed!

You’re Dismissed!

Moshe turned to the Kohanim. “I am appointing one Kohen, the Mashuach Milchamah (meaning, “appointed for war”), to give an encouraging speech before you go off to battle.

“A pep-talk?”

Call it what you want… a pep-talk, an inspirational-speech, a rallying cry, or simply a dose of faith in HaShem.

“Moshe Rabbeinu, tell us all about it!”

“This Mashuach Milchamah Kohen will begin with the all-familiar words, Shema Yisrael. Listen Bnei Yisrael! Be courageous! Fear not when you hear the sound of your enemies approaching. Do not be alarmed by the clanging of enemy shields or trumpet blasts. For while the enemy relies on their human strength, we Bnei Yisrael rely on super-human strength… the power of HaShem!”

“Yes! We will all sign up for the Army of HaShem!”

“Not so fast. It is important that not everyone goes to battle. I want the Shotrim, the law-enforcers to announce four exemptions – four groups of people who should not fight.”

“Which groups? Who shouldn’t go?”

“We’re so curious! Who will be exempt?”

“Let the Shotrim announce:

Whoever built a new house and has not yet moved in… Go home.

Whoever planted a vineyard and has not yet eaten from its fruit … Go home.

Anyone who is engaged, but not yet married… Go home.

Anyone who is afraid of battle or afraid that due to their sins, HaShem will not protect them… Go home.

Shazak insight

So Why Aren’t YOU Going to War?

Imagine how embarrassing it would be for the last group to leave – you know, the ones who are afraid to go to war. All eyes would be on them, watching them as they made their U-turn, the reason so glaringly obvious.

To spare the last group from this humiliation, all four groups left together. That way, no one would know the reason why any particular person was leaving

Now that’s what you call ‘sensitivity!”

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Geared for Kids... Great for Adults!

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