Parsha at a Glance

Learn Chumash from Chumash with MERCAVA! MERCAVA CHUMASH Shazak Parsha Adventure begins here. PARSHA AT A GLANCE – a quick overview of the Parsha.    Click on the Mercava button above to LEARN CHUMASH FROM CHUMASH! BTW: Shazak constantly adds new features to each section, so visit often! All Old Age Wishes & Blessings The […]


Puzzle SHAZAK Yosef Now it was time to speak with Yaakov’s favorite son. “Yosef, because you did not sin with Potifar’s wife while you were in Egypt, and because you were compassionate to your brothers who sold you into slavery, I am giving you a special blessing. Your land will be blessed with plenty of […]


Puzzle SHAZAK Binyamin Last, but not least, was Binyamin, the youngest of the 12 sons. “My dear Binyamin, you are like a wolf that eats his prey. Your behavior is similar to the fire that consumes the daily sacrifices on the altar in the Holy Temple. Indeed, the Beis HaMikdash will be built in your […]

Yaakov’s Funeral

Puzzle SHAZAK Yaakov’s Funeral After Yaakov blessed all his children, he said, “Please, make sure to bury me in Eretz Yisrael. It is my desire to be placed in Me’aras HaMachpailah – the burial place of my parents and their parents.” Yaakov passed away when he was 147 years old. His children and grandchildren were […]

Eisav’s Final Appearance

INSIGHT: A Cave or a Building? Puzzle SHAZAK Eisav’s Final Appearance When the procession arrived at Me’aras HaMachpailah, they were all greeted by none other than… Eisav! Yaakov’s wicked, twin brother made one last appearance. “You can’t bury Yaakov here!” shouted Eisav. “There’s only one more burial place left… and it rightfully belongs to me!!” […]

Brotherly Love

Puzzle SHAZAK Brotherly Love After the passing of Yaakov, the brothers feared that Yosef would finally take revenge for throwing him into the dangerous pit and selling him as a slave. “We have a situation. An enormous problem!” spoke up one of the brothers. “What is it?!” they all asked. “It is quite possible that out […]

Yosef’s Last Request

INSIGHT: Is This What You Call Ending On A Good Note?!Abarbanel Puzzle SHAZAK Yosef’s Last Request Time passed. Yosef ruled over Egypt for 54 more years. He was known throughout the land as a wise and fair leader. The aged Yosef sent for his brothers. “Listen, my dear brothers,” began Yosef. “You will eventually leave […]

Be Strong! Be Strong! And Let’s All Be STRENGTHENED!

INSIGHT: Plow, Plant and Pick!Bereishis – “The Book of the Straight” Puzzle SHAZAK Be Strong! Be Strong! And Let’s All Be STRENGTHENED! חֲזַק! חֲזַק! וְנִתְחַזַּק! We say these words when the Baal Koraih, the reader of the Torah, completes the public reading of each book of the 5 books of the Torah in the synagogue. […]

Chumash, Chameish, and Days of the Year

Puzzle SHAZAK Chumash, Chameish, and Days of the Year We have just concluded the book of Bereishis, the first of the 5 books of the Chumash. Chumash (חוּמָשׁ) is related to the Hebrew number Chamesh (חָמֵשׁ), meaning 5. And the numerical value of חוּמָשׁ is 354 (ח=8, ו=6, מ=40, ש=300), the exact number of days […]