VaYikra: A New Book and Mitzvos Galore!

INSIGHT: Unconfusing the ConfusedSefer VaYikra – Another Name? Puzzle SHAZAK VaYikra: A New Book and Mitzvos Galore! The first book of the Torah, Sefer Bereishis, begins with the story of the creation of the world, and the lives of our holy ancestors, Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, Sarah, Rivkah, Rochel and Leah. The second book, Sefer Shmos, […]

Korban Olah – Version #1

INSIGHT: Slaughtering… Humane? Puzzle SHAZAK Korban Olah – Version #1 As mentioned, there are several kinds of Korbanos, each with its own special purpose, and HaShem chose to begin our Parsha with the Korban Olah. Unlike other Korbanos that are shared, where part of it goes up to HaShem and the other parts are eaten […]

Korban Olah – Version #2

Puzzle SHAZAK Korban Olah – Version #2 Indeed, the wealthy Mr. Goldbucks, the richest guy in town, was able to afford an expensive bull. But what about someone like Mr. Velvel Verkhard, who works so hard just to pay the bills, but there is no possible way he can afford to pay for a bull? […]

Korban Olah – Version #3

INSIGHT: The “Adjustable” Korban Turtledove: A Turtle or a Dove? Puzzle SHAZAK Korban Olah – Version #3 How about Mr. Meir Nebech who, sorry to say, has been out of work for the longest time and can’t even afford a ram or a goat? What can he bring? Once again, the Torah tells us that […]

Korban Minchah – The Flour Offering

Puzzle SHAZAK Korban Minchah – The Flour Offering What about someone like Mr. Feival Flatbroak who is too poor to even afford a bird? He can still fulfill the Mitzvah of Korbanos by offering a sacrifice of dough made of flour, oil, and spices. The dough can be raw, fried, or baked, as long as it […]

Korban Shlomim – The Peace Offering

Puzzle SHAZAK Korban Shlomim – The Peace Offering The Korban Shlomim is unique. It’s unlike the Korban Oleh which is entirely for HaShem, and also different than other Korbanos which are shared – some of the Korban goes up to HaShem and the other part is for the Kohanim. On the other hand, Korban Shlomim, the […]

Korban Chatas – “I’m Sorry”

Puzzle SHAZAK Korban Chatas – “I’m Sorry” A Korban Chatas is brought as a form of forgiveness after a person sinned “by mistake.” Chatas comes from the word “Chet,” meaning sin. It’s important to note that Korbanos are not brought for intentional sins, meaning sins done on purpose. That’s called Maizid in Hebrew – מזיד. […]

Great People and Great Actions

INSIGHT: Lucky Us! Puzzle SHAZAK Great People and Great Actions The wisest of men, King Solomon (Shlomo HaMelech) wrote in his book of Koheles, “There is no righteous man on earth that only does good and never sins.” This explains why the Torah talks about instances where even great men with important jobs must bring […]

Korban Asham – The “Blame” Korban

INSIGHT: Lest We Shall Forget… Vayikra – 111 Pesukim Puzzle SHAZAK Korban Asham – The “Blame” Korban Parshas VaYikra concludes with another type of sacrifice, called Korban Asham. This sacrifice must be from a ram and is brought as a form of repentance for 5 specific sins – two of which are mentioned here at […]

Korbanos… to be continued…

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