The First Bris Ever

INSIGHT: The Sun, the Son, and Little Moshe Rabbeinu Puzzle SHAZAK The First Bris Ever Let’s rewind, way back to the third Parsha of the Torah – Parshas Lech Lecha. Avraham, at the age of 99, connected with HaShem by having a Bris Milah. That was also when HaShem changed his name from Avram to […]

Bris Milah – What’s it all about?

INSIGHT: Naming After Living RelativesA Name or Two or Three Puzzle SHAZAK Bris Milah – What’s it all about? So after all this Bris talk…what actually happens at a Bris? At a Bris Milah celebration, the new baby boy is brought in and welcomed by the family and guests with the words, “Baruch Haba!” ברוך […]

Warning, Warning! Tsara’as!

INSIGHT: Secret CodeA Handy Reminder Puzzle SHAZAK Warning, Warning! Tsara’as! The next subject takes up the rest of the entire Parsha, Parshas Tazria, and continues through next week’s Parsha, Parshas Metsora. HaShem gave Moshe instructions about an unusual disease called Tsara’as. This disease was a skin condition that caused a person to become Tamei – […]

Tsara’as – Then and Now

INSIGHT: Tsara’as – A Gift?! Puzzle SHAZAK Tsara’as – Then and Now The act of gossiping – spreading negative information about people – makes a person’s Neshamah (soul) impure. Since nobody can actually see what goes on in their soul, not even with an x-ray machine, we need a physical sign to warn us that something is […]

Call Dr. Cohen!

INSIGHT: Two Mistakes and One Question Puzzle SHAZAK Call Dr. Cohen! Only a Kohen could diagnose Tsara’as, so if someone saw white spots on their skin, off he or she went to the Kohen. The Kohen would very carefully examine the skin to make sure that this was truly Tsara’as. This was by no means […]

And The Verdict…

Puzzle SHAZAK And The Verdict… But what if things did not get any better after the 7 days? Here’s what would happen: After the second week examination, the Kohen would say something like this: “By the power vested in me as a Kohen, Tamei! – I hereby declare you a Metsora.” “On no! Not a […]

It’s Never Too Late!

INSIGHT: The Learned Rabbi and the Kohen Puzzle SHAZAK It’s Never Too Late! “But, but, is there any hope whatsoever?” the Metsora would (and should) often plead. “Yes, there is always hope. While you are sitting alone, you’ll have plenty of time to do some hard thinking and do Teshuvah – make amends and surely […]

Warning, Warning! Tsara’as on Clothes

INSIGHT: Where Did They Get This Idea From?! Puzzle SHAZAK Warning, Warning! Tsara’as on Clothes Now, the Torah talks about another type of Tsara’as: Before Tsara’as appears on a person’s skin, HaShem would give him a gentle warning – Tsara’as will actually show up on his clothes! If a white article of clothing developed green […]

There is Hope… Around the Corner!

Mazal Tov! Last Section of the Parsha!Great Job! Super Duper!Shazak Parsha!